The first step you have to do is to click on LOGIN button on our front page.


The second step is to login with your username and password you created.


The next step is once you logged on dashboard area, you then click on '' MY ACCOUNT '' button or settings on left side.


The next step is to select which exchange you want to use wether binance, bittrex or cryptopia as shown on the picture.


The next step is to set an alias for this account you creating like '' cryptopia pumps, or binance pumps '' whatever you like.


The next step is to input your api keys from the exchange you chosen (binance, cryptopia etc). To know how to generating and getting api keys for each of the exchanges we support (binance, bittrex, cryptopia) just follow this tutorials on links below.





The next step is to configure the amount of profit in percentage that you want to make on the pump you gonna participate.

Just input the number without the character % symbol.


After all that just click submit button and if successfull, your exchange information + your balance will be displayed on the bottom of the screen like shown on this picture here on your left side.

And then if you your balance is showing incorrect etc, just click on refresh your balance button and it will refresh it and if you need to edit this informations like new api key or the profit levels and btc amount for a next pump you go participate, just click on the EDIT button, as you see on picture here on your left side.


The next step is to click on DASHBOARD button to go back to dashboard now.


Once back on the dashboard then just click on first field to select the account you just created.


Next step is to select the DEPTH you want. The depth field is an EXCLUSIVE option given by our UNIQUE '' SmartPump© '' technology which means our robot is coded to check both the sell orders book (to enter on pump) and the buy orders book (To exit the pump) in the speed of light in a few miliseconds and then place your buy/sell orders according to what orders is available to be bought/sold on the orders book.

This is an UNIQUE technology from the BitcoinThief Robot only, NO OTHER PUMP AND DUMP ROBOT functions by checking orders book and buying/selling to/from it, our robot is THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD who does this, thus the copyrighted '' SmartPump© '' technology, which was, AND IS, an original creation BY US.

So if you choose a HIGHER depth like 5 to 9 for example, the bot is gonna go deeper on order book and gonna buy for HIGHER price but that at the same time means = INSTANT EXECUTION of your buy order.

So the higher the price the faster you enter on the pump but this also means you MAY make less profits though. But if you use the default 2-4 there is also a risk of your order not being filled due to the FLOOD of incoming buy orders at the same time due to the pump that has began, since no robot can actually BUY AN EXISTING ORDER we can only check orders book and place an order MATCHING the amounts of the one that exists already, and the exchange matching system will do the work of '' associating '' your order with that one that's already open, which during times of high flood, may not work too good.

So use the default depths of 2 to 4, at your own convenience, already knowing you may be left out of a pump. But if it works and your order gets filled it means you gonna make MAXIMUM PROFITS on the respective pump because you gonna buy from the CHEAPEST orders available on the order book which = MAXIMUM PROFITS !


After choosing your depth, then that's it, just wait for the pump group admin that you're using to release the coin name, and then you input the coin name in FULL CAPS (LIKE THIS) and click on ENTER PUMP button as quickly as you can so that you can enter at best rate possible.

Panic Sell Button

The panic sell button although not an unique feature exclusive to our robot, but it is another AWESOME feature from our robot which is gonna be VERY HELPFUL to you.

To use this feature, all you have to do is to setup a profit level to a pump, of let's say 25%.

But if you notice that the pump is not strong enough to reach your profit level, or notice that your buy order got filled for an amount/price that was too high and not enough to cover your profit level, but that the current price of the coin of the pump is STILL GIVING YOU SOME NICE PROFITS (although still not the profit amount you wanted) with the strenght of the moment in the pump you participating, then you just HIT THE PANIC SELL BUTTON and our robot is gonna CANCEL any open sell orders and will INSTANTLY place another one and get you out of the pump STILL IN GOOD PROFITS IMMEDIATELY.

All you have to do is to WAIT to hit the panic sell button only wnen you notice some GOOD BUY ORDERS in a price and amount that's still gonna give you good profits being included on the buy orders book (Exactly like shown on this picture here on your left side, and also how done on the ROBOT LIVE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO BELOW.)

Step By Step Video of the Setup Process Above